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Actionable Analytics

Competitive Activity

Top Competitors

  • • Sponsors
  • • Studies by Status
  • • Failed Studies
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Geographic Analysis

Patient Populations

  • • Study Saturation
  • • Heatmap Visualization
  • • Study Status
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Benchmark Model

Study Expectations

  • • Historial studies
  • • Patient Recruitment
  • • Minimize risk
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Investigator Selection

Experienced & Available

  • • Recommended investigators
  • • Contact information
  • • Study experience
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Site Selection

Recommended Sites

  • • Matched by protocol criteria
  • • Planned and active studies
  • • Comprehensive profiles
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Referring Physicians

Improve Patient Accrual

  • • Medical specialty
  • • Contact information
  • • Physician profiles
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Inside Our Data

140,000 Sites

Work with sites with a proven track record for actively managing successful trials in specific indications to keep your trial on time and under budget.

460,000 Investigators

Give your trial the best chance of success and choose from experienced and recommended investigators.

320,000 Studies

Understand the global study landscape and benchmark against existing trials to plan your upcoming study.

880,000 Referring Physicians

Avoid recruitment issues and search physician data to gain access to untapped patient populations.


We're currently tracking over 400 indications across 3,000 U.S. counties enabling you to focus on high prevalence geographic areas.

Key Features

Project Workflow

With just a few clicks you have all of the analysis you need to know about a study you're running, or planning. In seconds you’re presented with a benchmark report, investigator lists, site lists and more.

Tracking Capabilities

Track competitive studies and your investigators to get alerts on their activity, including taking a competitive study, failing an inspection or filing an IND.

Visualization Tools

See geographic feasibility data represented visually in our interactive heat maps. You can also create dynamic charts and graphs on the fly with our integrated capabilities.

Exportable Results

The export capabilities are endless as everything in the product is exportable in multiple formats and you're even able to create custom exports with over 100 fields to choose from.

Advanced Searching

Find the most relevant information for your protocol by using our 200+ advanced search criteria and filtering capabilities.

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BioPharm Clinical

BioPharm Clinical turns information into insight by targeting geographic areas worldwide to run your study, forecasting study timelines, recruitment rates, and recommending sites and investigators for your upcoming study. Connect with us to learn how we can improve your study planning process.

Once you've targeted your ideal sites and investigators, our sister product SiteSurvey enables feasibility teams to develop questionnaires, analyze survey responses and select sites. SiteSurvey has integrated BioPharm Clinical data on sites and investigators which aids in pre-population of surveys, as well as, selecting additional investigators to take the survey.

If you still want to get to know us more (over the web), and you aren't familiar with our other products in the biopharma space, check out our first flagship product BioPharm Insight - and our other offerings: BioPharm Devices and BioPharm Outsource.



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